2020 Open Forum

2 thoughts on “2020 Open Forum

  1. Being fairly new to Crystal Lake, I am not sure if there has ever been any discussion about cleaning up dead fall in the municipal reserves, road ways and other areas in and around Crystal Lake. My concern is that if there is a fire, from outside or within the Hamlet, the deadfall that has built up will cause difficulty in controlling the spread of the fire. If there was an interest in addressing the issue I see a few options:
    1. Ask for residents to volunteer time and equipment and complete the work over a couple or few scheduled weekends;
    2. Hire summer students (probably some grants available) and have them complete it over the summer during weekdays;
    3. Put it to tender and contract it out (may be some shared funding programs available)

    Not sure if this is a concern to anyone else but would welcome discussion.

  2. It would seem to me that when a budget is presented, it would be good to have a comparative of previous year’s actuals right along the proposed budget. This way we can see what activities went on last year along with total revenue and expenses. As an example, in 2019 there were expenses under SAMA and nothing proposed this year or bank credit card expense. Doing this helps people as good question on related activities (why, how come, what’s new, etc.). The comparative from last year gives readers an indication of the reasonableness in the proposed budget amounts.

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