Agenda 2020 AGM


NOTE:  Due to COVID-19 health concerns and restrictions on public gatherings, the 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Organized Hamlet of Crystal Lake will be in the form of electronic postings on our web site.  There will be an opportunity for voter comments at the end of each segment posted.  The various segments will be posted on an ongoing basis, every few days. The first posting is the Agenda, Minutes of the 2019 AGM, 2019 Financial Report and 2020 Budget.  The remainder of the Agenda items to follow.


2020 Organized Hamlet of Crystal Lake

Annual General Meeting


  1. Introductions:
    1. Hamlet Board consists of: Don Olson (Chair) finishing year 3 of term, Howard Fox finishing year 2 of term and Brad Toakruk finishing year 1 of term.
    2. The R.M. of Keys representatives are Garth Bates (Reeve), Cal Statchuk (Division 6 Councillor) and Barry Hvidston (Administrator).
  2. Minutes of 2019 Annual General Meeting
  3. Business Arising from 2019 AGM Minutes – Comments
  4. 2019 Financial Report
  5. 2020 Budget
  6. Hamlet Board Reports
  7. New Business
  8. Open Forum
  9. Adjournment

One thought on “Agenda 2020 AGM

  1. What is being done to raise the water levels, as this year is the lowest the lake has been in my recollection. Our water front is now muck and algae. Algae has never been present on Crystal Lake up until a couple of years ago, when I brought it to the attention of members of the Hamlet Board then. The whole corner at the point has been destroyed ecologically as there are no birds nesting there anymore. It is absolutely gross, where once was a beautiful shoreline. People use to bring their kids to the point and there was always something for them to see. Now canoes, kayaks and paddle boats are stuck in the sand before they even reach the point.
    Our property has been devalued by this. I would like someone to write me back or phone and explain to me what the plan is to rectify this very serious situation at the lake.

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