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(June 7, 2019) Fire Ban is Removed…



The Fire Ban is removed, click to view order.


(December 18, 2018December 2018 Newsletter

Crystal Lake December 2018 Newsletter



(November 9, 2018Highlights from the November 8, 2018 RM of Keys Meeting

R.M. of Keys Mtg. November 8, 2018



(November 1, 2018Hamlet Board’s Position on Black’s Beach

Crystal Lake Hamlet Board Position on Development of Black’s Beach


(October 23, 2018Subdivision Proposal At Crystal Lake

At the 2017 Annual Ratepayer Meeting for the Organized Hamlet of Crystal Lake, it was requested that a mail out be sent to all ratepayers of CrystaI Lake if a proposal was made for a subdivision within the Organized Hamlet of Crystal Lake. Below is a copy of the mail out for a Public Hearing to be held on Thursday November 8, 2018 at 1:00 p.m. in the RM office for the proposed Bylaw 10-2018.

October 2018 Subdivision Proposal



(July 3, 2018) Report from the Water Quality Committee

Katelyn Bell Project – 2018/07/03

From the 2017 AGM Minutes:

6. Water Quality Committee

  • Katelyn Bell, a University of Saskatchewan student, gave a presentation on
    water quality. Katelyn is part of a study group in the University of
    Saskatchewan who is looking at Crystal Lake. The quality seems to be stable
    but the ongoing study will be able to tell us how the water quality changes over
  • This is her report.



(April 6, 2018) More information from the Hamlet Board on the Intensive Livestock Operation Application

Location of the ILO

The proposed ILO is about the same size as the Hamlet of Crystal Lake. Download the map to see.


(March 24, 2018) Information from the Hamlet Board on the Intensive Livestock Operation Application

Intensive Livestock Operation (ILO)

The Hamlet Board asks individuals to submit their concerns in writing. Please mail your submissions to the RM of Keys 303 office or use the CONTACT US tab on the website. All submissions must be received by April 6, 2018.



(March 28, 2018)

Proper Removal of Chara

Saskatchewan Water Security Agency recommends the following:

(March 14, 2018) With the growing concerns over weed growth. The Hamlet Board has performed research and come up with the following:


Chara – An Algae Native to Saskatchewan


Data Base Report by North Stream


North Stream Environmental has released the new 2017 Data Base report to the Municipality. It is a 98 pages .pdf file so may take some time to load depending on your download speeds.

The Hamlet Board and the RM Council are reviewing it along with the Province. We would like Public Input as we take the next steps to either adopt the report and make the proper legislation for it, or look at alternatives.

We would prefer to have the comments in writing through the following:

Use the CONTACT US tab

Or by regular mail: RM of Keys 303, Box 899, Canora, SK, S0A 0L0.