2020 Boat Safety Motion

2020 Boat Safety Motion

Recommendation/Motion for the August 9, 2020 AGM of the Hamlet of Crystal Lake

Hello Don, Brad and Howard,

Below is a Proposed Water Safety Motion for the August 9, 2020 Annual General Meeting of the Hamlet of Crystal Lake at Stenen or ??

The proposed Motion reads:

That the Hamlet Board annually review Water Safety activities and concerns at Crystal Lake by means of some of the following ways:

-1. by  including in the yearly Work Plan a review of Water Safety activities and concerns;

-2.  by making available electronically (and in print as needed) the existing boat and water safety pamphlet to all cottage owners and visitors at Crystal Lake.

-3. by periodically inviting water safety presentations by the Red Cross or a comparable organization;

-4.  by inviting the RCMP to clarify legislation about boat-driver licenses, boat safety requirements and, continue at the Lake their earlier practice of checking related compliance;

-5. Other

Purpose and Rationale:

-Recently, after someone counted 17 motorboats, sea-doos, canoes plus two adult swimmers crossing the lake, I mentioned that before too long someone is going to get badly hurt or killed on this Lake.   At times it is clearly “the wild wild west” and the need for safety guidelines, courtesy and wisdom is self-evident.

-This summer a couple of times there have been: motor-boats pulling a ski-ier or towable without a spotter; reports of boat drivers passing other boats in dangerously close ways and near misses; paddle boats with children and dogs on them but no life jackets on the children; sea-doos, some with pullables cutting in and out forcing larger boats to make difficult moves to avoid a collision.

-This spring, even before the ice was out, one eager person in a kayak nearly got trapped in an ice-flow.

-In the past 44 years  of living at CL, there have been several near misses, accidents, and people hurt.

-Lest you think that I am a spoilsport, please note that swimming, canoeing, sailing, and riding in a motorboat on this Lake since 1976 have been and are personal pleasures.

-I assume that all or many of us love and enjoy this place and its water, but there is a need a self-evident need for a few more guidelines, respect and wisdom.

Submitted by John Oussoren

PS: Alvin Law indicates “I’d be happy to second your motion.”