Howard Fox


Howard became a member of the Hamlet Board at the July, 2018 AGM.

After graduating from the University of Saskatchewan with a Bachelor of Science – Agriculture, Howard’s entire 30-year professional career was with Agriculture Canada – PFRA.  Working as both a manager and specialist in various roles, his primary areas of work were rural, community and economic development and environmental sustainability.  Howard has worked on federal, provincial and regional committees, working groups and programs in the areas of policy development, program development and implementation, communication, strategic planning and facilitation.

As a manager, Howard has experience in financial management, human resource management, asset management, strategic planning, communications and operational management.  He has extensive experience working with locally-based governments, conservation groups, economic development agencies and other organizations working to achieve the balance of social development, economic development and environmental sustainability.  It is through this type of balanced and respectful approach that Howard has learned any successful, long-term project must serve and respect all of the social, economic and environmental aspects.  If one aspect suffers for the benefit of another, the project is doomed to failure.

Howard’s involvement with Crystal Lake dates back to the early 1980s while working closely with the tree planting program spearheaded by the Crystal Lake Soil Conservation Co-op.  In 2002, Howard and wife Bonny and their three children purchased their current cottage at Crystal Lake.  From 2002-2012, Howard and Bonny were deeply immersed in the Crystal Lake community as partners and owner-operators of the Crystal Lake Golf Course.  Upon Bonny’s retirement in 2018, Howard and Bonny have made Crystal Lake their permanent home.

With the Hamlet Board, Howard is currently the Secretary of the Board, and has the lead in the areas of 1) Governance, 2) Finance, 3) Communications and 4) Special Projects Initiative.  Preferred means of contact is by email at