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(September 27, 2021) The Landfill is now closed…

The Landfill is now closed for the season. If you need access, please contact one of the following to arrange for a mutually agreeable time:
Brad Tokaruk         306-540-4257 cell/text
Lois Steinke           306-562-8811 cell/text




(July 1, 2021Crystal Lake 2021 Summer Newsletter.


Newsletter Summer 2021-Final



(March 19, 2021Swim lessons will be available this summer if the province allows.


Crystal Lake swim poster 2021



(February 19, 2021) Permits, Docks and Boat Lifts…


2021 02 12 Permit Letter


2021 02 12 WSA Docks



(December 9, 2020) Playground Project Final Financial Report…

Playground Equipment Project Final Financial Report



The Crystal Lake fire truck is now winterized and out of service until the spring.  But in case of a fire, always call 911 and they promptly direct the Sturgis Fire Department….



(October 24, 2020) Bios of the candidates for reeve…


The RM of Keys is holding elections for Reeve on Monday, November 9, 2020.  There are two candidates: Garth Bates and Calvin Statchuk.  In order to introduce the candidates to eligible voters,  the Crystal Lake Hamlet Board has invited the two candidates for Reeve to provide their resumes and platforms.  The resume of Garth Bates is available by “clicking here”. The resume Of Calvin Statchuk is available by “clicking here”.




(September 5, 2020) Crystal Lake Water Survey Final Report and Executive Summary…

The Crystal Lake Water System Survey Final Report and Executive Summary have been completed and the Hamlet Board has accepted these documents in their entirety.  Many thanks to Roy Anderson (R. Anderson & Associates) for his leadership, guidance, professional expertise and commitment in developing, implementing, and analyzing the survey, plus preparing the Final Report and Executive Summary.  All on a pro bono basis!
These documents are now posted under the Community Water System tab.  The Executive Summary can be accessed by clicking here.  The Final Report can be accessed by clicking here.  There is a comment section after each document.  Please feel free to share your comments, questions and ideas.  The Hamlet Board will now proceed with further investigations based on the survey results.




(August 1, 2020) June 2020 Hamlet Board Minutes…


June 10, 2020 Hamlet Board Minutes, click to view.


June 24, 2020 Hamlet Board Minutes, click to view.






(July 23, 2020) 2020 Summer Newsletter…


The link to the 2020 Summer Newsletter has been added to this TAB for easier viewing. Click to view.






(July 14, 2020) Fall Election Mail in Ballot…


Mail in Ballot


(July 9, 2020) Johnny’s Beach Playground Update…


Playground Project Posting




(July 3, 2020) 2020 Crystal Lake Swimming Lessons…


2020 Swim Lessons



(June 26, 2020) Link to the PARCS website


The Provincial Association of Resort Communities of Saskatchewan (PARCS) is the independent association that supports and represents the interests of cottage communities of Saskatchewan.  Its newsletter is very relevant to common and emerging issues and concerns facing resort communities.  The Organized Hamlet of Crystal Lake is a member of PARCS.  We have now added a link to the PARCS web site on the Crystal Lake web site for ease of access for anyone interested in further information about PARCS and common interests and concerns of resort communities.



(April 22, 2020) Upcoming Construction Season…

The Hamlet Board has been advised that the moratorium on building/construction within the RM of Keys has been lifted.  Crystal Lake property owners who are planning construction projects, major renovations or the demolition of existing structures should note that there have been changes to the process.  The R.M. Council has approved/amended its Building and Zoning Bylaws. See the RM website for more information:  Crystal Lake property owners should make special note of Section 8 ‘Resort Residential Section’ of the Zoning Bylaw (2004-03).


Property owners must complete an Application For Building Permit (Form C) and receive a authorization prior to any work or demolition being initiated.  Building Permit applications will now require a survey at the first inspection to ensure the applicable setback distances are followed.  Applicants are advised to apply 6 weeks prior to their anticipated start date. Prior authorization is not required for small accessory buildings such as sheds, decks or greenhouses provided their floor area is  less the 10 square meters (107 square feet) and the placement adheres to prescribed setback distances.


The RM has contracted a Licensed Building Inspector who will monitor and inspect all projects to ensure that construction is in compliance with RM Bylaws and that construction follows the applicable building codes.  The permit holder will be responsible for these inspection costs.


The Hamlet Board continues to put a strong emphasis on maintaining the overall health and water quality of the lake and wishes to remind residents that any work in or near water requires prior authorization.  The provincial Aquatic Habitat Protection Program protects aquatic habitat from impacts that may arise from development in, or near, water.  Further information is available by calling the Aquatic Habitat Specialist at (306) 787-0382 or on the Water Security Agency website  Unauthorized work in or near water can result in legal action.

Please contact the RM Administrator or a Hamlet Board member if you have further questions.



(April 9, 2020) Update on the Water Survey Results…

The response to the Crystal Lake Water Survey has been tremendous!!!

Thank you very much to the 106 people who have completed the Crystal Lake Water Survey. We’re getting close to half the properties at Crystal Lake. We really need as many responses as possible to give the best direction for the future of a Crystal Lake Water System.

 We are needing one survey for each titled lot. If a survey hasn’t been completed for your property, please do so as soon as possible. It only takes about 10 minutes and your input is so important.

 If you know of a family member, friend or neighbour who does not have access to the hamlet web site or Facebook and is not aware of the survey, please let them know so they can provide their thoughts. Maybe print the survey for them so they can complete it and mail it in. We are looking for input from all titled lots, not just those hooked up to the Community Water System.

 To access the survey, click here

Thank you for your input.

Crystal Lake Hamlet Board.


(March 11, 2020) Summary of the 2019 Crystal Lake Paving Project…


The financial summary for the 2019 Crystal Lake Paving Project:

Crystal Lake Paving Project Summary

2019 Levy 236 lots @$600  $            141,600.00
2018 Levy 236 lots @ $600  $            141,600.00
Draw from General Reserves  $              70,460.00
Draw from Roads Reserve  $                5,050.00
Total Revenue  $            358,710.00
Paving G.W. Construction  $            338,140.00
Gravel – Chad Wiwcharuk  $                6,410.00
2019 RM Administrative Levy 5%  $                7,080.00
2018 RM Administrative Levy 5%  $                7,080.00
Total Expenses  $           358,710.00

Balance at Completion of Project

$                        0.00



(February 28, 2020) Crystal Lake 2020 Work Plan…


A DRAFT 2020 Work Plan has been posted on the web site (Click here). The Hamlet Board invites and appreciates your input and comments on the proposed activities in addition to any sense of priorities to the activities.  Comments can be made directly to any of the Hamlet Board members or via the CONTACT US on the web site.  Thanks for your interest and contributions to developing a Work Plan that best serves the interests of the people of Crystal Lake.



(February 9, 2020) Report on SaskWater Info Meeting...


On January 30, 2020, a meeting took place to discuss a Regional Potable Water System. Click here to view the document.



(January 1, 2020) Report on Feeding Deer during the Winter...


Most everyone enjoys seeing deer on occasion but there can be too many deer!  Feeding deer while an enjoyable past time can be problematic. Click here to view the document…



(December 15, 2019) Resort Village Feasibility Study on Hold


Together, the Planning Committee and the Hamlet Board have decided to put the Resort Village Feasibility Study on hold for the time being.  Key to this decision is that the Organized Hamlet of Crystal Lake falls short in two of the critical requirements (permanent population and assessment) for consideration for incorporating as a resort village. This effectively makes the idea of forming a resort village not feasible at this time.  A joint communication, with further information, from the Planning Committee and the Hamlet Board is posted under the Resort Village tab.


(December 15, 2019) Stenen Lagoon Agreement


The Village of Stenen and the RM of Keys 303 (Crystal Lake) have signed a five (5) year agreement to allow for the dumping of sewage in the Stenen Sewage Lagoon. Click here to view the agreement.



(October 26, 2019) Phase 3 of the Paving Project


Good news!! The portion of the Crystal Lake access form Highway 9 to the ‘Y’ will be repaved at no cost to the Crystal Lake ratepayers.  The provincial government will be covering the cost and GW Construction will return to complete the project.  Work will commence on or about Monday Oct. 28, 2019.

People travelling to the lake may wish to use the Tadmore access until the work is complete.

Hamlet Board


(October 22, 2019) Notice of Moratorium


The Rural Municipality of Keys (RM) has placed a moratorium on all building within its boundary’s as of September 5, 2019.  Projects which had been approved prior to Sept. 5, 2019 are allowed to continue.  However, no new building permits are being issued and any unauthorized building will not be allowed.  The Organized Hamlet of Crystal Lake and the Hamlet Board are bound by this decision.

The R.M. Council is currently preparing new Development and Building Permit Bylaws. See the RM website for more information:

Once the moratorium is lifted, building permits will be accepted and approved provided the projects are in compliance with the new Development Bylaws. Until that time please be advised that the Hamlet Board members will be notifying the RM of any unauthorized construction, demolition or development.

Please contact your Hamlet Board members if you have further questions.

Thank you for your cooperation




(October 22, 2019) Paving at Crystal Lake


Please be advised that as part of the Crystal Lake paving project further work is being done at a number of approaches and cabin driveways.  Gravel is being spread and graded to allow a smooth transition unto the new pavement.  This work should be completed over the next few days.

Please watch for construction equipment and we appreciate your patience as this project is completed.

Hamlet Board




(July 26, 2019) List of Recycle Items

What we can recycle seems to be a mystery. Download the latest list of Do’s and Don’ts from Parkland Regional Waste.

July 2019 – Recycle



(July 4, 2019) Summer 2019 Crystal Lake Newsletter…


2019 Summer Crystal Lake Newsletter





(May 16, 2019) Community Water System…

Thank you for your patience. The Crystal Lake water system is up and running.  There may be a few cabins still experiencing freezing.  Remember all water users that the system is hygienic use only.




(April 10, 2019) Update to Crystal Lake Residents

During the RM rate payers’ meeting, there were comments made which need clarification. Rate payers were informed that raw sewage from the Stenen lagoon had been released directly into Stoney Creek (which is approximately a mile away from the lagoon). Not true. All effluent discharge (after filtration through three cells) is directly released into a marsh and adjacent wetlands. The Water Security Agency (WSA) recognizes marshland as a further filtration system. Last summer (2018) some repairs needed to be done to the lagoon requiring the level of the last cell (cell 3) to be drawn down. WSA was notified and Stenen was given permission to proceed. Midway through the release, samples were taken and sent to WSA and Saskatchewan Health Authority (Roy Romanow Provincial Laboratory). WSA reported back to us that all readings were within the standard for release into the nearby marshland.

It was also reported that the lagoon has been leaking. WSA inspects the lagoon yearly. They report no evidence of leakage nor do they suggest that it might be leaking. WSA makes recommendations in order for us to comply with regulations. Crystal Lake and the town of Stenen share responsibility for any work to be done.


(April 10, 2019) Update to CL Water Users


The RM of Keys did move forward with part 1 and 2 of the GUDI (ground under direct influence of surface water) study. On April 3, hamlet board members meet with Devin Mutschler from Beckie Hydrogeologists. Wells were inspected, height of water in the wells was determined and the lake level was also recorded. Well levels and the lake level were within a few inches of each other . Based on this information Devin will be drafting his report. If the report comes back possible GUDI then it will be the decision of well users either to continue with the recommendations of the study which will have significant associated costs or have the water from these wells deemed hygienic use only (non-potable). Well users will be advised to purchase drinking water.


(March 18, 2019Crystal Lake Community Water System Notice

A new Notice to Crystal Lake Community Water System Subscribers has been posted on the web site.  This Notice impacts all current subscribers and users of the Community Water System.  We have been advised that due to the location of the wells’ proximity to Crystal Lake, our current water system may be impacted by water from the lake.  The terminology is Groundwater Under the Direct Influence of Surface Water (GUDI).  Presently we will not be able to operate the water system as potable (drinking) water until further studies are completed.  The Hamlet Board is proposing to operate the water system as a hygienic, non-potable system for 2019 until we receive further direction from the actual subscribers – those who use and pay for all system operations and costs.  This situation is evolving so updates will be posted as new information is gained.


Water Notice – March 17, 2019





(February 14, 2019Black’s Beach Subdivision Proposal  2

At the 2017 Annual General Meeting for the Organized Hamlet of Crystal Lake, it was requested that a mail out be sent to all ratepayers of CrystaI Lake if a proposal was made for a subdivision within the Organized Hamlet of Crystal Lake. Below are the three documents to be presented at the  Public Hearing to be held on Thursday March 7, 2019 at 1:00 p.m. in the RM office for the proposed Bylaw 01-2019.

01-2019 Bylaw with Map
February 14, 2019 – Letter to the Ratepayers of Crystal Lake
01-2019 Advert Bylaw




(September 9, 2018)  Organized Hamlet Guide

An information guide on the running of an Organized Hamlet:
Organized Hamlet Guide



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