Introduction to 2020 AGM (Aug.18, 2020)

Introduction to the 2020 Organized Hamlet of Crystal Lake Annual General Meeting Electronic Posting
Due to Covid-19 restrictions on public gatherings, the contents of the AGM will be posted on line on our official web site.  The contents will follow and comprise the usual elements of the AGM in-person meeting.  At this time, we are not set up for electronic voting (we’re working on it) but we strongly encourage voter participation.  This can be done by entering your comments (ideas, questions, suggestions etc.) in the Comments section after each element of the Agenda.
Please note this is actually a “voter” meeting and not a meeting for general public participation.  Eligible voters of the Organized Hamlet of Crystal Lake must be:
  • A Canadian citizen; and
  • At least 18 years of age; and
  • At least one of:
    1. A registered owner (on the property title) of property within the Organized Hamlet of Crystal Lake;
    2. A spouse of a registered owner described above;
    3. A resident (permanent residence) within the Organized Hamlet boundaries for the three preceding consecutive months.
The intent is to make this web site and this electronic version of the 2020 AGM as meaningful and interactive as possible.  To encourage discussion and sharing and exchanging of ideas and thoughts, a Comment section is set up following each segment of the Agenda.  Please note comments are public to all, you can “comment on comments”, ask questions, pose suggestions and express your thoughts.  However, the comment section is not intended to be a free-for-all.  All comments must:
  1. Address the topic of discussion – we need to keep the discussion on topic
  2. Be respectful of all people
  3. Not be political in nature – this is not a forum for personal political views
  4. Not attack any individual personally
Any comments that the administrator of the site (Hamlet Board) feels are offensive or in contravention of the above, will be removed.