Point 1 – Community Water System

Due to arsenic levels above new provincial standards in Well #2, as determined in 2018, and concerns with groundwater under direct influence of surface water (GUDI), the community water system operated as hygienic use only for 2019 and 2020.  The Reserve Fund for Community Water has been depleted to complete the engineering studies.  A financial commitment by subscribers will be required to re-establish the Reserve Fund to an acceptable level.  A public information meeting for all Crystal Lake residents was held in August, 2020 with Charles Goss of WSP Consulting explaining the impacts of the current studies and future options for water sources and treatment systems.  Representatives of the Water Security Agency were also in attendance to answer questions and provide guidance.  The result of the meeting was for the Hamlet Board to develop and provide a survey of peoples’ desires of the current and any future water system to serve Crystal Lake.  The results of the Community Water Survey will be posted shortly.