Point 3 – Garbage/Recycling/Landfill

We don’t have Brad Tarras on the Board anymore to do his annual rant about what goes into garbage, what goes into recycling and what goes to our local landfill.  Biggest complaint is that furniture and building supplies DO NOT go into our garbage bins.  They must go to the Preeceville landfill, part of the Parkland Regional Waste Management Authority.  Crystal Lake, through the RM of Keys, is a member and the fees are very nominal.   For recycling, the types of acceptable items vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.  There are posters on each blue bin listing what does and does not get recycled.  Please follow those listings as unacceptable items are costly to sort out and dirty items can contaminate a lot of other acceptable items.  In the recycling world, “If in Doubt, Throw it Out”.  And, Flatten those Boxes!