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The latest change was November 29, 2022.




(November 29, 2022) Resort Village Article 1 (corrected) …


RV Article 1 final corrected


(November 18, 2022) CLRC Minutes Nov. 11, 2022…


CLRC Minutes for Website Nov 11 2022


(November 10, 2022Christmas at Crystal Lake…




(November 10, 2022RM and HB Minutes – Oct 13, 2022…


RM_HB Oct 13 2022 minutes


(November 10, 2022HB Meeting Minutes – Sept 6, 2022…


Minutes HB Sept. 6 2022


(November 10, 2022HB Meeting Minutes – Aug 15, 2022…


Minutes HB Aug 15 2022


(November 1, 2022) Tree/Branch Clearing...


Pleased be advised that there will be tree removal and branch pruning work taking place along all the roads within the Hamlet weather permitting.  This work is intended to address safety concerns along Lakeview Drive by improving sight lines for both drivers and pedestrians.  As well a number of trees and low branches will be removed which restrict snow removal equipment. The exact dates have not been established but we expect this work to be done before the snow flies.


(November 1, 2022) Call for Volunteers...


A Lake Health Committee has been formed.  This group is tasked with gathering information and recommending strategies to maintain the excellent lake water quality we all enjoy and cherish.  This committee will in part conduct research on risks to the health of Crystal Lake, understand the regulations pertaining to lake use and water quality, and explore options for future lake water quality monitoring.  Maintaining the excellent water quality at Crystal Lake is important to us all,  if interested please email Brad at tokaruk.brad@sasktel.net or use the ‘contact us’ tab on our website.


(October 19, 2022) Multi-purpose Concrete Pad...


Multipurpose Concrete Pad


(October 14, 2022) Crystal Lake Rec Board Meeting...


Crystal Lake Rec Board Meeting


(September 29, 2022) Community Water System...


The community water system will be shutdown on Tuesday, October 11, 2022, after the Thanksgiving long weekend.



(September 14, 2022) The Landfill is now CLOSED...


The Landfill is now closed for the season. If you need access, please contact one of the following to arrange for a mutually agreeable time:


Ken Wozniczka       306-873-0853

Brad Tokaruk          306-540-4257 cell/text

Lois Steinke            306-562-8811 cell/text




(September 7, 2022) 2022 Annual Meeting Minutes...


2022 Annual Meeting Minutes_approved


(August 23, 2022) Required Waterworks Documents...


2021 Waterworks Annual Notice


2021 Waterworks report



(August 4, 2022) Resort Village meeting canceled...


Please be advised that the Resort Village public meeting for August 13, 2022 is canceled. There will be a series of informative emails beginning this fall.



(June 29, 2022) CLRC Minutes June 23, 2022


CLRC June 23 2022 Minutes



(June 24, 2022) Hamlet Board Meeting Minutes – May 20, 2022


CL Hamlet Board Meeting Agenda - May 20-2022


(June 21, 2022) 2022 Swim Lessons



CLSC 2022 Swim Lessons Poster


(June 21, 2022) Mosquitoes – 2022


Mosquitoes - 2022


(June 14, 2022) Lake Level at Crystal Lake



Lake Level at Crystal Lake


(June 10, 2022) Crystal Lake Recreation Committee Minutes





(June 2, 2022) Landfill hours for the Summer


Landfill Hours this summer
Saturdays from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
Trees and branches to burn pile and leaves and grass to compost pile.
No lumber, concrete, garbage, building materials.


(June 2, 2022) 2022 Work Plan


2022 Work Plan Final


(May 30, 2022) Hamlet Board Meeting Minutes – May 10, 2022


CL Hamlet Board Meeting Minutes - May 10-2022


(May 30, 2022) Hamlet Board Meeting Minutes – April 12, 2022


CL Hamlet Board Meeting Minutes - April 12-2022


(May 30, 2022) Hamlet Board Meeting Minutes – March 29, 2022


CL Hamlet Board Meeting Minutes - March 29-2022 - Final (1)



(May 23, 2022) CL Recreation Committee Raffle…


CL Recreation Committee Raffle



(May 18, 2022) William Hauber Returns…


The Hamlet Board is very happy to announce William Hauber has returned to work as the seasonal employee at Crystal Lake for his 3rd season. William has now completed his second year at the University of Saskatchewan in pursuit of a Health Sciences degree.
William is interested in additional work for individuals, beyond his Hamlet duties. The Hamlet Board gives its fullest endorsement for William’s responsibility, work ethic, conscientiousness and respectful attitude. For after hours work, William can be contacted at 306-562-7035 cell/text.


(May 13, 2022) Crystal Lake Water System – May 12, 2022…


The Crystal Lake Community Water System is now operational.  It was activated and operational May 12.  There is one spot in the southeast corner that was still frozen as of May 12 evening.  Water is being directed to that spot from both pumps to speed up the thawing process.  Subscribers can now open their individual valves to access the water to their cabins.  Please be on the lookout for any leaks and advise Dave Masters if there are leaks at your valve.
Please note: the Community Water is not potable, meaning it is not for consumption (drinking or cooking).
Hamlet Board



(March 31, 2022) Recycling Notice – March 31, 2022…


Recycling Notice March 2022



(March 25, 2022) CL History Committee Update and Samples-March 25, 2021…











(March 15, 2022) Provision of Services Agreement – October 7, 2021…

2021 Provision of Services with fixes




(December 27, 2021) CLRC 2021 Year-end Financial Statement…

2021 Year-end Financial Statement - CLRC



(December 23, 2021) Crystal Lake History Project – Update…

Update on the History Project 2021


Excerpt from the Canora Courier


ExcerptCrystal Lake-Cancouriert 2021




(December 15, 2021) CLRC Meeting Minutes – December 3, 2021…


CLRC Minutes Dec 3 2021




(December 8, 2021) 2021 Christmas Newsletter…



Crystal Lake Newsletter December 2021 13 bc




(December 3, 2021) CLRC 2021 Year End Report…

CLRC Year End Report 2021


(November 19, 2021) Snow Plow Notice…

Snow Plow Notice




(November 4, 2021) The Crystal Lake Firetruck is out of service for the season…




(September 27, 2021) The Landfill is now closed…

The Landfill is now closed for the season. If you need access, please contact one of the following to arrange for a mutually agreeable time:
Brad Tokaruk         306-540-4257 cell/text
Lois Steinke           306-562-8811 cell/text



(August 26, 2021) SaskWater Highway 9 Regional Potable Water System Project Update…


SaskWater Highway 9 Water Project (2)



(August 19, 2021) 2021/07/22 Crystal Lake Community Water System Compliance Inspection…


20210722 Crystal Lake Compliance Inspection HCU



(August 13, 2021) 2021 Crystal Lake Annual Voters’ Meeting Minutes:


2021 Annual Voters' Meeting DRAFT Minutes





Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory (PWDA) from Rick Sheichuk of WSA.


20210519 - Crystal Lake Start-up Do Not Consume Advisory






The Crystal Lake Community Water System is now functional for the 2021 season.  Please note there is a Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory (PDWA) that will be in place for the full season.  That means the water is not safe for consumption.  It is fine for cleaning purposes.  Golf Crystal Lake has agreed to again stock and sell the larger water jugs.





Crystal Lake Community Water System Update…

Crystal Lake Community Water System Update-May-2021


Crystal Lake Hygienic Application Response…

Crystal Lake Hygienic Application Response (EMMS)


To the property owners of Crystal Lake

The 2021 Assessment Notices have been mailed out.  These assessments are calculated by the Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency (SAMA), an independent government agency that provides a quality, constant property assessment system  for the province and all municipal governments (except the larger cities). These assessments are used to calculate both the education portion of property taxes and the municipal portion of property taxes.   

As many of you have noticed the assessment for your property has increased since last year. One reason for this is the increase in the value of lake shore properties province wide.  Because of this recreational property assessments have increased by 30-40%.  As well a number of cabin/homes at the lake have been re-accessed due to recent improvements.

Please direct your questions or appeal requests to SAMA at 1 (800) 498-0578

The mil rate for the education portion of property taxes is set by the provincial government and is non-negotiable.  However please be advised that your Hamlet Board and Rural Municipality will be reviewing the current mil rate (5 mils)  and tax structure to limit tax increases.



Zebra Mussel ALERT

Click here to view the alert from the province of Saskatchewan.



IMPORTANT NOTICE regarding permits for any work or projects near the water.  A letter has been mailed to the lead contact of each property at Crystal Lake advising of the need for permits for any physical work in the lake or within 5 meters of the water’s edge.  The letter and accompanying background documents can be accessed “here” and are posted under the Information tab.


Permit letter…


2021 02 12 Permit Letter


Docks and Boat Lifts…

2021 02 12 WSA Docks




The DRAFT of the 2021 Work Plan…


2021 Work Plan DRAFT-February1-2021




The Council of the RM of Keys, along with 5 neighboring municipalities, have hired an Official Community Planner to assist the Municipalities in creating new Zoning Bylaws. The goal is to have similar rules and regulations across the region.
At this point, Council is looking for feedback about the proposed bylaw. This time frame will be in addition to the legislated public hearing.
The proposed Zoning Bylaw can be view on the RM of Keys Website.